Tour of my new sewing and craft room

Tour of my new sewing and craft room

I used to have a sewing room at my parents' house, because our previous apartment only had two bedrooms and no space for my sewing things. Last year we bought a bigger apartment and we set up the smaller bedroom as my office/sewing/crafting room. It's a space for me to work on my business and to teach one-on-one classes, for my kids to do crafts and for my husband to work when he needs to work from home.

The room is mostly square, with the door on one corner and a window in the center of the opposite wall. The window faces west and lets in the sunlight throughout the afternoon.

I placed a long desk along that wall to be able to work facing the window. The center of the desk has my bigger sewing machine and the overlocker, and when I need to work on the computer I just move the overlocker a bit to the side.

On the left side of the desk I have the printer, the Silhouette Cameo and a peg board above them. Below are two cabinets with drawers.

To the right of the desk I placed a kitchen trolley with wooden top that we had in our previous kitchen, with another peg board above it.

On the far right wall is the ironing board.

On the other wall is the cutting table in the center with clear storage boxes with fabric underneath, printed patterns filed in binders, and some more small boxes, and rullers on the shelve.

In the corner I placed an open shelving unit that we had left from the bathroom, and a wire drawer unit for my current "in-use" fabric.

All the furniture and most of the storage and accessories are from Ikea:

  • Desk and cutting table : Linnmon + Adils + Mittback
  • Alex drawer units
  • Skadis peg boards
  • Ruter + Lagt ironing board
  • Muskan shelving unit
  • Mosslanda picture ledge
  • Jonaxel drawer unit
  • several small organizers inside the drawers


On one pegboard I have all my sewing cutting tools, labels, size tags, pens and pencils and small sewing tools. On the wooden trolley there's the tool caddy that I use for travel, and storage boxes with lingerie making fabrics and laces, rib knits and interfacing.


The other pegboard holds cutting machine tools, fabric ink, and other small things.


On the drawer cabinets I placed tags with what is inside each drawer. These are perfect to store small supplies in containers: office supplies, buttons, pincushions, thimbles, pliers, zippers, the mini iron and mini Cricut press.


And also sewing thread organized by color.


Another drawer holds the Silhouette mat, pressing mat and paper cutters.


This drawer holds flat vinyl sheets, specialty paper and stickers for the Silhouette, transfer film and small accessories.


Another holds vinyl in roll and a container with vinyl scraps.


All heat transfer rolls are in another drawer.


And the bottom drawer holds printer paper and ink cartridges, and supplies for stencil and fabric ink.


The open shelving unit holds my sewing and pattern design books, envelope patterns, a lamp on top and boxes with patchwork fabric on the bottom. On top of the small drawer unit are tape dispensers for taping patterns together, a box with pattern weights and a tailor's ham.


On one wall I have a collage of photos of my kids wearing clothes made by me for Suco by Susana.


I'm really happy with my sewing room and happy that now I can work on everything in here, from designing, to printing, sewing, and also crafting. I've also hung a curtain rod from the ceiling to hang a curtain backdrop for photos so in theory I can even photograph my children in this room.

I hope you find the organizing ideas in here helpful!


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