Sagres pattern tester roundup #1

Sagres pattern tester roundup #1

The Sagres Pants & Shorts pattern has come home from One Thimble 26. You can still buy the pattern included in the magazine, but now it is also available here in the website.

I had the help of a wonderful group of testers to make this pattern perfect. Some of them made more than one pair of shorts during the test and some also made Lemon tees and Green tees to go with the shorts.

See all the details and information about the pattern here, and check out the beautiful photos below.


Alexandra Melo - @m.alexandra.melo:

"Um molde muito rápido de executar e versátil!! É seguramente um molde para meninos e meninas."


Ana Sofia - @sisforsewing:

"I'm a bit partial as I love every single pattern I made from Suco by Susana (and I have made quite a few so far...) - the Sagres Shorts were another hit with my boy! Sewing for older kids (and especially boys) is always a challenge - this pattern was spot on: clear and detailed instructions, easy to follow (step-by-step with lots of images) and a perfect fit on my boy! Thank you Susana!!"


Asha Robin - @ashyarose16:


Celine KHoo @cookiekhoo:

"A great pattern with lovely topstitching details for a professional finish!"


Claudia Broos-Pauli:


Cláudia Ribeiro:

"Quando viram os calções os meninos ficaram supercontentes, adoram andar com eles e ficam tão, mas tão giros! Vou fazer mais de certeza, adoro!"


Dânia Chincalece - Atelier Mushie:

"A pattern super easy to sew and super practical to wear. To repeat for sure."


Deborah Gruszkow - @casennina:


Feyza Mcfadyen - @jadejordon13:

"I love this style of the pants/shorts. The fit is amazing and everything goes together so quickly. Definitely would recommend this pattern for total beginner because the instructions are so clear and so easy to follow. I can definitely sew more of this for my son's wardrobe."


Hippomamalai Lai - @hippomamalululai:

"Easy pattern to follow even for a beginner."


Enjoy the pattern on release sale until Monday, October 26th!

Happy sewing.


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The Sagres Pants & Shorts pattern

The Sagres Pants & Shorts pattern

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